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Smoking seriously harms you and others around you.

Smoking is highly addictive, don't start.




UK Shisha Sites

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Shisha Hire:

and welcome to the Shisha Pipe site, the No1 for Shisha pipes, accessories and Molasses.

Did you know that ShishaPipe UK is based in London, England and we ship worldwide, over 50% of our customers are not from the UK.

We use Parcel Line or Parcel Force to ship the shisha pipes in the UK, Europe or Worldwide. Once you have placed your order you will be able to choose your delivery method.

If you feel that we can improve our service or any ideas with any products that we don't have on our web site but, you would be interested in buying from our company, then please use the online contact form HERE, we welcome your suggestions.


Welcome, Egyptians call it Shisha, Lebanese refer to it as Nargile, in English, it is Hookah. We call it relaxation.

This ancient water pipe has been used for centuries to smoke away the day's stress, while relaxing with friends and family.

I hope that you find what you're looking for here. We offer a variety of hookahs and molassess for sale. If you have any questions or comments concerning this site, please don't hesitate to contact me.

May you smoke in good company and peaceful times!

"Smoking a shisha is nothing like smoking a cigarette," a 71-year-old man said as he looked up from his Hookah."Cigarettes are for nervous people, competitive people, people on the run," he said. "When you smoke shisha, you have time to think. It teaches you patience and tolerance, and gives you an appreciation of good company. Shisha smokers have a much more balanced approach to life than cigarette smokers."

Thesaurus-Dictionary: hookah
A pipe with a long, flexible stem, so arranged that the smoke is cooled by being made to pass through water. also called nargile and water pipe. the hubble-bubble is a simple form of this device.

Shisha is a Middle-Eastern smoking tradition that began hundreds of years before the invasion of the big American cigarette companies and is one of the most common and interesting sites of the Arab World. There are numerous cafes where one can lie on long cushions and spend the time talking to your friends and enjoying this Arab delight. Tobacco is soaked in fruit shavings such as strawberry, apples or grapes. This mixture is then smoked through a large water pipe (called a hookah). Men and women of the upper classes in the Arab world have been entertaining guests with hookah pipes for centuries. Moreover, there are hoards of Shisha purists who truly cherish this tradition no less than a Japanese tea Master or Matron.

With the invention of the hookah or "shisha" over 500 years ago, the Turks refined smoking to an artful and elegant ceremonial experience to be shared in the company of friends.

The hookah uses a small charcoal tablet to gently heat a special, flavor-infused molasses blend. The molasses never burns, but is filtered as it is drawn through the water-filled, hand-blown glass base and inhaled through ornate, embroidered hoses. The vapor is incredibly smooth, sweet and aromatic.

A hookah (Arabic: شيشة; Hindustani: हुक़्क़ा / حقّہ; is a multi-stemmed, often glass-based, water pipe device for smoking; originating in India, it gained fame under the Ottoman Turks. A hookah operates by water-filtration and indirect heat. It can be used for smoking many substances, such as herbal fruits and molasses. Depending on locality, hookahs are known as other names, such as a shisha/sheesha, water pipe, nargeela/nargile/narghile/nargileh/narguilé, argeela/arghileh/arguilé, okka, kalyan, gewat suckre, or ghelyoon/ghalyan. Many of these names are of Arab, Indian, Turkish, Uzbek, or Persian origin. Narghile (نارگيله) is from the Persian word nārgil (نارگیل) or "coconut", and in Sanskrit nārikela (नारीकेल) and it was made out of coconut shells.

[1] Shisha (شيشة) is from the Persian word shishe (شیشه, literally translated as glass and not bottle). Hashish (حشيش) is an Arabic word for grass, which may have been another way of saying molasses. Another source states, "In early Arabic texts, the term hashish referred not only to cannabis resin but also to the dried leaves or flower heads and sweetmeats made with them".

[2] Hookah itself may stem from Arabic uqqa, meaning small box, pot, or jar. Both names refer to the original methods of constructing the smoke/water chamber part of the hookah.

Narghile is the name most commonly used in Armenia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Israel, Bulgaria and Romania, though the initial "n" is often dropped in Arabic. Shisha is more commonly seen in Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Somalia. In Iran it is called ghalyoun or ghalyan (قليان) and in Pakistan and India it is referred to as huqqa. The archaic form of this latter name, hookah is most commonly used in English for historical reasons, as it was in India that large numbers of English-speakers first sampled the effects of the water pipe.

What is shisha? - More info HERE
Shisha is molasses ( Also called tabac, tombak, tumbak, gouza, guza, moassel, sheesha) mixed with molasses and fruit flavors and is smoked in a hookah. Shisha molasses is not your typical molasses. It's nothing like the molasses you find in cigars, cigarettes, or dip. No, smoking true nargile shisha is an entirely different sensation. Shisha Tobacco is the Best as it's been well documented in the media, the molasses in cigarettes is anything but pure. Large amounts of nicotine and other additives make it extremely harmful. Some cigarettes claim to be additive free, but plain molasses isn't terribly pleasant to smoke. Smoked for flavor and not for any kind of effect, it proves a relaxing and peaceful pursuit. Since shisha is molasses, smoking it involves some of the same ill effects as other types of smoking. It is very light and flavorful with a wonderful fruity aroma. The most popular flavor is apple, others include strawberry, pineapple, apricot, grape, rose, mint, and even cappuccino! (There is even an exclusive cola flavor).
In the Middle East, from Turkey to India, there are shisha cafes where people gather to smoke and drink coffee or tea. Smoking shisha can last two hours or more and is a very peaceful, social occasion generally filled with good conversation with friends. A shisha smoking session can last from thirty minutes up to and hour. As an ex-cigarette smoker, I can truly say that shisha smoking is very smooth and most unnoticeable when inhaled.


Check out our special offers page at the web shop.

Herbal Smoke


What is a hookah? - More info HERE
A hookah is known by many different names in different parts of the world: a shisha, a nargile (pronounced nar-geelah), a hubble-bubble or hubbly-bubbly, a water pipe. The most famous instance of hookah smoking is probably that of the caterpillar in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. A hookah consists of a hollow glass (sometimes clay or brass) base which is filled with water, a vertical pipe topped with a clay bowl for the shisha and coals, and a usually colorful hose. When one sucks on the hose, the smoke is drawn down the pipe and through the water, which cools and filters it. This also produces a peaceful bubbling sound. This sound is as delightful now as the prospect of blowing bubbles in a glass of milk was to most of us when we were in kindergarten.
Click HERE for information and history of the Hookah.

Can I smoke "other things" out of my hookah? - Recipes HERE
Hookahs have for centuries been a molasses-related product and the image of them as a pot or opium-smoking instrument is largely of Western origin. Indeed, it is considered very poor etiquette in some circles to smoke anything other than shisha in your hookah! However, should you choose to place something else in your hookah bowl, even regular shag molasses, it is generally a good idea to mix your substance with regular shisha, molasses, or honey so that it is not too dry. If what you are smoking is too dry, it is likely to burn away too quickly, denying you the relaxed puffing inherent to a good hookah experience.  
Herbal Smoke

What kinds of shisha molasses do you sell?
We sell many different flavors, and the list continues to grow. For some of the fruit flavors, there is also a "light" kind of molasses, which we recommend for general non-smokers or anyone looking for a more gentle smoking experience. To find out more, please Browse the Merchandise.

We are also distributors for the None Tobacco Molasses which is a blend of quality molasses and international natural flavors, giving None Tobacco Molasses a special flavor and taste. NO TAR, NO NICOTINE and NO TOBACCO

It presently comes in many flavors, click HERE for more information.

Click to enlarge image
What kinds of hookahs do you sell?
We mainly sell glass-bottomed hookahs, though small brass or clay hookahs are available upon special request. There are three sizes: small (approx. 21" tall), medium (approx. 26" tall), and large (approx. 33"). These measurements somewhat belie the difference between the types: the small hookah only weighs 1 1/2 kg while the medium one weighs closer to 3 kg. There is also a large difference in the hose size (especially the handle), the size of the glass base, and the general stature of the different hookahs. For these reasons, I suggest you buy at least a medium-sized hookah. To find out more about colors and availability, please Browse the Merchandise.
Click to open in another web page
How Does A Hookah Work ?
Basically, the hookah runs in a cycle.
It begins with the bowl which is located at the top of the hookah, where we put our molasses. We place the bowl on top of the hookah base itself, and the base goes down all the way to the vase, which has our water or any other liquid substance in it.

When you suck on the hose, we are creating a different level of air pressure inside the hookah. Since the only opening of air that we have is our hose, we are removing the air from the hookah, which causes the charcoal to heat because of the air pressure change we are making inside.

Once the charcoal is hot it burns the substances, inside the molasses (such as Glycerin).

Make your own Hookah

Please note that we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products at the best prices and we don't mislead you by charging "outrageous shipping" and other hidden fees like many of our competitors.

We feel we have the best prices on the net and if you found someone else on the net who has lower prices, email us and WE'LL BEAT THEIR PRICES GUARANTEED!!!

Parcel Line

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Latest News

We at ShishaPipe strive to attain customer loyalty through superior product quality, low Prices and excellent customer service.

Our prices are low because we import all Shisha pipes and accessories directly. This allows us to attain only truly authentic Shisha pipes and pass the savings on to our customers.

We have been in the business long enough to know what a quality Shisha / Hookah / Nargile is made of.

All products are designed and built to last a lifetime.

ShishaPipe UK are also distributors for the None Tobacco Molasses which is available in Mint, Aniseed, Apple, Mixed Fruit, Strawberry, double apple, pineapple, cherry, coffee, vanilla, raspberry blueberry, mintos, mint, rose, liquorice, mango, peach, choco mint, pudina (Spearmint), orange, watermelon, coconut, bombay pan masalla, silver fox apple, golden amber apple, lime and lemon and Grape.

We can also provide this product with any flavor you like as long as the quantity placed is large enough.

The future is None Tobacco Molasses with NO TOBACCO, NO TAR and NO NICOTINE makes this product a must for all types of UK based shisha business.

The Healthy shisha smoke.

Non Tobacco Molasses

Non Tobacco Molasses

More Details
This unique hookah has a built in ice chamber right under the tray. The ice chamber’s purpose is to give you a cooler and smoother smoke each and every time. Putting ice in the chamber is optional, but you’ll feel the difference once you’ve tried it.

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